BALAVTO BG16 - for excavators 16-23 t

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Ubicazione articolo: SLOVENIA
Modello: BG16 - for excavators 16-23 t

Grab model BG16 (with integrated rotator) Suitable fo excavtors from 16 - 23 tons. Grab was littlle used and is in excellent condition. Manufacturing year: 2015 Weight: 1070 kg Grab has integrated rotator, which enables rotation for 360 degrees. This encreases grabs efficiency during the work. This Grab is most often used for: stone (stone placing, scarp making), wood, waste material (sorting), demolition works, etc... Grab BG16 is our product (Balavto Ltd.) and we can also make different kinds of grabs for all sizes and types of excavators (custom made). Please contact us directly for more info and price (negotiable)

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