John Deere 1770

Prezzo richiesto:€ 38,548 ($39,500)
Ubicazione articolo: STATI UNITI
Casa produttrice:John Deere
Modello:John Deere 1770
Vedi tutto John Deere 1770
Anno di Produzione: 2000
Condizione Used

Rows 12 Row Spacing 30 in Frame Rigid Metering System Vacuum Hopper 3.0 Bushel 2- 250 Gallon liquid tanksFERT. DISKS SEED TUBES SEED DISKS AND COULTER BLADES REPLACED LAST FALL CURRENTLY HAVE @ 1000 ACRES ON THEMALL DIVE CHAINS REPLACED 2 YEARS AGOVariable hyd. drive & 1/2-width disconnectMounted Coulter with Fluted BladesLess 60 central seed cart SeedStar Monitor System for row crop tractor Regular parallel arms 3.0 Bushel Seed HoppersVacuum sensorFertilizer Pressure SensorMarkers independant of planter liftSeed Tube with Standard SensorTru-v opener walking gauge wheelsHeavy Duty Down Force Springs60 cart less tank sensor Cast iron closing wheels Eight Wheel Hydraulic System2000 John Deere 1770 Planter

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