John Deere 535

Prezzo richiesto:€ 7,319 ($7,500)
Ubicazione articolo: STATI UNITI
Casa produttrice:John Deere
Modello:John Deere 535
Vedi tutto John Deere 535
Anno di Produzione: 1993
Condizione Used

Pickup Regular Wrapping Both Twine and Surface Wrap PTO 540 Width of Bale 5 Feet Precut Knives No Bale push barBale counter 11L-14.8 tires Gauge wheelsDouble twine wrap armAuction purchase to be paid for within 5 days and picked up within 10 days.This item is entered in an online auction. The auction ends February 22nd 2017. Visit to view register and bid. 5X6 Baler!

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