John Deere 7450

Prezzo richiesto:€ 175,662 ($179,999)
Ubicazione articolo: STATI UNITI
Casa produttrice:John Deere
Modello:John Deere 7450
Vedi tutto John Deere 7450
Anno di Produzione: 2009
Ore di utilizzo 2025
Condizione Used

Axle PRWD 3 speed trans. 30kh/m Rear Wheels 800R32 front 580/70R26Nonadjustable wide rear axle 4-WDFour Halogen Field Lights in the Cab Roof2 elctric adjust rear view mirrors with heatersWithout automatic header control Autolube for machines with Kernal Processor Feed roll with spiral teeth40 knives bracket cutterhead Standard knife bracket holdersHeavy duty straight grass knife Corn kernal processor electric adjus high wear High arch spout wide without greenstar Winds.washer for rh&lh window Single acting hydraulic outlet Double acting hydraulic outlet 2-speed spout rotation Halogan double beam work light 2nd work light for spoutPower chute with electric Kernal Processor liftEngine block heater 110 volt Extension exhaust pipe Ether start kit Weight carrier with hitch adapt 14 ballast plates base machine only head is sold separately

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